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Our story started in the early 1960's when our founding father (and grandfather), Edward, laid the ground work for our family business. He was born an entrepreneur and inventor and had a keen ability to identify the needs of people and businesses and provide a fitting solution. Couple that with his ability to make friends wherever he went and a heck of a lot of grit and he had himself a little business. 
Since then, Edward’s grandson, Brian, and his wife, Brooke, have taken the reigns. For over 40 years, our family has been serving the unique needs of the Self-Storage Industry to help our clients promote, protect, and collect from your customers using comprehensive, cost effective state and industry specific storage forms covering a multitude of legal topics including: state specific lien laws, insurance responsibilities, limits on liability, bailment, climate control, access control, bankruptcy, titled property storage, mobile storage, wine storage, and more. Our years of experience and expertise gives you the most professional and cost effective way to have your storage forms composed, printed, and delivered to your door and/or inbox.

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